About Us

Pamfilya Construction, which was established in 2002 with the mission to build quality and modern buildings at world standards, has been developing projects in many regions of North Cyprus in accordance with this mission for 15 years.

Pamfilya Construction, which is operating under the leadership of Mustafa Öz, is one of the first construction companies to come to mind when it comes to experienced and specialized employees and luxurious housing, shopping center and modern office projects.

Pamfilya Construction projects blended in harmony with technology and design have elevated the standards in the construction industry and adopted the principle of going one step further in every project they build.

Pamfilya Construction, which has become an important actor in the construction sector with its quality production, will continue to offer great contributions in the construction sector of North Cyprus to produce world class projects without compromising its values ​​in the future.

We are proud to serve you with the morale and motivation we receive from you.

Our Vision and Mission

To build "LIVING AREAS" by creating different designs with the best solutions from aesthetic and functional pointS of view and by exceeding the expectations of our customers who want to own "HOMES" without sacrificing quality.

With our respects

Pamfilya Construction Team