Kuzey Kıbrıs'ta Yatırım


1)Do I need to wait for my purchase permission before I can move into my property?

No. Once your property is complete, you will be able to take possession of your property and move in. Once the contracts are exchanged between the parties and registered at the Land Registry you will then acquire contractual rights of the property. Registering the contract ensures that you are protected from the property being sold or transferred to a third party and from any subsequent liens being placed on the property.

2)Can the applications for authorization procedures be made before the property is purchased?

In Northern Cyprus, it is possible to initiate permits with the ownership purchase document.

3)3) What kind of risk do you face if you can not obtain a purchase permit?

In the event that you can not obtain a purchase permit, the property you own has been registered by Pamfilya Construction securely until you make the purchase permission transactions and the property registration process is carried out with the title deed of the Land Registry Office.

4) What can you do in case you do not receive a purchase permit?

If the purchase permit has been revoked, you can give a proxy to perform all transactions with the property you have purchased from your closest relative, and you can easily manage your property with it.

5)Can my spouse and I purchase one property each?

No. Husband and wife are counted as one household and the current property restrictions are one property.

6) What are the important points to consider when buying property (except TRNC and TC citizens)

You should learn about the proximity of your property to the military territory you intend to buy, and you should find out whether approval of the permits will be granted or not.

With the law enacted in 2008, the Deed and Cadastre Office for the citizens who are experiencing delays in the procurement, while registering the property sale contract on behalf of the buyer, provides 100% protection of the buyer as well as any situation related to the rental or sale of the house by someone else. It is necessary to register within 21 days at the latest after the signing of the contract by the Department of Land Registry and Cadastre. When this transaction is made, a stamp fee calculated on 0.5% sales contract and a registration fee of 65TL are paid.

When buying property you will be asked to show that you have no criminal records and that you have never been a criminal or a political offender in any way.

As Pamfilya Construction we will be happy to make the most accurate and information transfer to you.

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