Kuzey Kıbrıs'ta Yatırım


Currently North Cyprus properties are on average 30% cheaper than the south of the island and significantly cheaper than other European destinations. Our market here in the North is, so far, unaffected by the Euro and is a relatively new property market. Now that we are drawing near to a peaceful settlement and the international community has softened its stance towards the North of the island many buyers are attracted to the real and potential price increase and are taking advantage of our affordable and attractive options. The cost of living in North Cyprus is still relatively low compared to other Mediterranean countries even though our economy has seen continuous growth since the division of the island. This is partly due to the popular tourism sector and the government’s program of economic development in this sector.
In summary, North Cyprus with its perfect climate has a lot to offer visitors. Sunshine, natural beauty, fantastic beaches and much more. For those who are considering a relaxing retirement home, holiday house or apartment and also for property investment, there is no better choice than North Cyprus.
In North Cyprus we have no buildings greater than 2 floors within 100 meters of the beach and our Architects strive to preserve the natural environment in particular with our projects in the Karpaz region protecting the rare and unspoiled nature of the region and because of the unresolved issues between the North and South, Northern Cyprus has not suffered the mass construction suffered by other Mediterranean coastal regions during previous years. You are also now able to move more freely between the north and south and there are planned border openings in the near future. You can enter on a visa on arrival basis and their are no longer any restrictions in place, which in turn is further improving the tourism sector. It is hoped that with a solution the international sanctions and trade embargoes will be phased out.
One of the obvious reasons people come to live here is the undeniable contrast of living in a cold country to one that is ideally suited to outdoor living. With practically guaranteed sunshine and short winter periods you can see why so many are choosing to come to North Cyprus. You will also be surprised how safe it is here. There is virtually no crime and the hospitality of Turkish people leaves you feeling relaxed and stress free.